A Clean & Resilient Community

Our society is in an incredible period of development where environmentally-friendly policies actually go hand-in-hand with economic development and growth. Sustainable New Jersey, the Evesham Green Team, and the Evesham Environmental Commission all have excellent ideas that will help our community save money for households and taxpayers alike, protect the environment, reduce emissions, and many other economically- and environmentally-friendly policies. Unfortunately for our whole community and the local economy, those ideas and policies have not gotten the attention that they deserve.

We are committed to working with the Green Team, Environmental Commission, residents, and groups who want to save taxpayer dollars, increase income and savings, and make our community more resilient for the long-term. Becoming a truly sustainable community will strengthen our economic backbone and improve the quality of life for residents.

Keeping our Community & Children Safe

Stabilize Taxes & Reduce the Debt

Property Taxes

Smart Development

Abandoned Homes & Businesses

Roads & Traffic

Increase Transparency & Accountability