Smart Development

Nearly every resident we speak with has an opinion on the apartments and retail being developed all over town. We recognize that we cannot stand in the way of development and the private sector; however, we don’t need to have developers making all of the rules at the expense of our town’s identity, history, and residents’ concerns.

As elected members of Council, we will make sure that development and progress are paired with our history and small-town identity. We think that our community should work together to integrate different interests and viewpoints into our economic planning. That’s why we want to explore creating an Evesham Economic Development Commission to bring together individuals from sports, recreation, tourism, environmental groups, historic preservation, arts & culture, and local business and labor to ensure that economic opportunities for events and development are not missed.

We will ensure that the Zoning and Planning Boards act independently of outside influence and pressure from any individual, developer, or interest group. We also want construction to bring as many jobs as possible to local residents, allowing our community workforce to spend and invest their income back into township businesses and services.

We want to ensure that all development makes our town’s economy more resilient, our infrastructure more capable, and our quality of life improve. Long-term planning, resiliency, and sustainability should be the goal for all future development and improvements to our town.

Keeping our Community & Children Safe

Stabilize Taxes & Reduce the Debt

Property Taxes

A Clean & Resilient Community

Abandoned Homes & Businesses

Roads & Traffic

Increase Transparency & Accountability