Stabilize Taxes & Reduce the Debt

See the Affordable Evesham Plan for more information on how Jaclyn Veasy, Heather Cooper, and Patricia Hansen will seek out efficiencies, common ground, and local reforms to deliver taxpayer savings and improved services.

A responsible government shouldn’t disproportionally mortgage its future on the backs of our children and future residents. We will keep our property taxes stable, pursue efficiencies and opportunities to reduce costs while improving services, and use our savings to reduce the debt burden so that our children and grandchildren can live, play, and retire in Evesham 20-30 years from now.

– A study conducted over the past few months analyzed the Township’s annual budgets and audits. The study revealed that, over the past decade, the Township has increased municipal debt by 35% while still increasing taxes over the same period, albeit very inconsistently.

– That increased debt has allowed the Mayor and Council to avoid larger tax increases and claim fiscal responsibility when it’s convenient for their reelection. In election years, Council kept taxes flat or decreased them in negligible amounts, but then increased taxes by 3%, 4%, or 5% in non-election years.

– To make matters worse, our 2018 ratables (property that provides tax income) remain lower than they were in 2009 and have decreased in seven (7) of the last nine (9) years.

-Further exacerbating our future fiscal instability, Council has granted 20-year tax breaks to wealthy developers of all of the new developments in town. These tax abatements place a disproportionate financial burden on homeowners while denying tax dollars to our school and fire districts. Regular homeowners and small business owners will be paying for these decisions for the next 20-30 years.

– The study also compared the Township’s financials to the School District’s financials since both entities rely on the same ratables for tax revenue each year. Since 2008, the Township and School District have raised taxes by a similar percentage each year (only a .2% difference over the past decade), but the Township borrowed heavily to pay for election-year tax decreases while the school district paid off most of its debt.

Council has manipulated our taxes for headlines and re-election while putting millions of dollars of debt on the township’s books thanks to their unstable and inconsistent tax rates.

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